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Welcome to Magical Experience. I am your host
Eric D. Redman "Majik"






Want more than just a magic show? Tired of seeing magicians who are over paid and under skilled?


Time to move on to a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE!


I have been called one of the best magicians in the Washington D.C area. I have performed all over the world and my job venues speak for themselves.


I have delivered life long memories to fans from:


  • The Greater D.C area (1997 - Present)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, on three separate occasions (1999,2000, 2001)
  • Heart and Soul of Magic (2004)
  • The Apollo Theater in NY (2001)
  • The National theater in Washington D.C (2003)
  • Six Flags America (Hallowscream season) (2001, 2003)
  • Kunta Kinte Festival (2000, 2001, 2004, 2005)
  • Public Play House Theatre


I have even been featured on several continents including


  • London, England (2000)
  • Kenya, Africa (2000)
  • Australia (2002)
  • New Zealand  (2002)
  • Hawaii (2002)



I have also received high media coverage from:


  • Washington Post
  • Washington Times
  • Arlington Gazette
  • Alexandria Gazette
  • Alexandria Journal
  • P.G Journal
  • Fox Five News
  • Fox Family channel
  • Affiliated help with HBO's production of Sketch Pad.


I have worked with the best in the industry, from:


  • Lance Burton 
  • Jeff McBride
  • Johnny Thompson
  • Gary Darwin
  • Eugene Burger


and I am only 20 years old...


Do you want to make a lasting impression on your peers? Do you want them to REMEMBER YOU? Then give them something that they will never foreget and that they will be talking about for years, give them a Magical Experience!

What is a Magical Experience?

Imagine what it was like seeing something that took your breath away for the first time!


Imagine being able to see the look on someone's face when they see something that they have never seen for the first time!


That is what a Magical Experience is, It is being able to give someone a feeling that can only be described as magical. The great thing is you can bring that gift to your next gathering and give your guest a night that will be filled with memories that won't be soon forgotten.

What does a Magical Experience do for you?

Your Magical Experience can be used any way you need it. I work all venues; Resturants, children's parties and Corporate Venues. During most gatherings entertainment is always a hard topic to choose. With your Magical Experience everyone gets to be a part of the show.


I deliver more then just your average show. I am very active with the crowd and I make them become part of the show. They will definitely be remembering you for putting together such a great party.


By delivering a Magical Experience to your guest you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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